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Web Site Design Services

Having a website is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity! And not having a web site can detract from a customer's perception of your company. Vandemark Design offers complete turnkey or partial web site creation services to help you attain or enhance your web presence. The following are the services we offer in the sequential creation of a site:

  • Strategic direction and web site plan
  • This includes working with you to determine the best message to convey on the web site. If you have a company PowerPoint presentation, it can be converted into a web site message. The purpose of the site may be to sell products from the site, to give customers a product ordering mechanism, or simply to give company or product information with contact numbers.

  • Web site physical plan and layout
  • The determination of color and graphics combinations, number of link buttons, titles of pages, navigation plan and the organization of content are generated early in the development cycle. Multiple candidate site presentations are created for customer review and one selected for the final version. This step can take several iterations of research of existing Internet sites to find candidates that represent the right "look and feel' for the final site.

  • Web site content generation
  • As well as eye-catching graphics, the content of the web pages must allow the viewer to quickly navigate through the pages to get to the desired information. Vandemark Design's marketing background allows us to create just the right message tailored for you and present even complex product information in a concise, well-organized manner. Other web design companies are usually just graphics artists or code-writers and you have to provide and edit most of the site content.

  • Web Site Applications
  • A web site can be very versatile in the applications that may be accessed by users. Collaborative document creation, remote access to database information, password-protected pages, customer downloads, web pages that change based upon user input, forms for data collection, and eCommerce market baskets are just a few. Websites can include a variety of multimedia options, including many types of graphics, audio and video.

  • Web Site Publishing
  • To complete the web site development and make it visible on the Internet, it must be published on a Web Hosting server. There are many competitive services available and we can help you register a domain name and hosting service if you don't already have one. There are many with excellent track records and very affordable. A review of the best of such services is included in the following link. (top-10-web-hosting). We can either upload the HTML-coded web page to the hosting site web server or hand over the code to you for uploading.

  • Web Site Maintenance
  • Vandemark Design can hand off the entire web site to you upon completion and you can perform future upgrades and changes. With this alternative, we recommend a few hours of training and a person technically qualified to receive the instruction. We can also optionally maintain your site for you and make future changes that you direct. This is normally bid on an hourly basis unless the anticipated number of changes is defined.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • For many businesses, a high search engine ranking is crucial. Search engines are constantly visiting sites and ranking them against others by keywords and the number of times those keywords are used in the site. The exact algorithm varies from one search engine to another and in most cases is proprietary. Selecting the optimum key words and registering your site with the most popular search engines will ensure that your site will be highly listed when a potential customer searches. Vandemark Design can manage that effort for you after your site goes operational.

  • Price estimates
  • Vandemark Design will give a firm fixed price for development of a web site after learning the details of your requirements. A simple web site with home page where you supply the verbiage, logo graphics and pictures, and utilizes a standard color/button layout template will have a price in the neighborhood of $300-500. A web site with 6-10 links to other new pages, a custom look, and content created by us, is in the neighborhood or $1,500-2,500. A site with dynamic web pages, database linking or market basket eCommerce, or a larger number of pages is in the $2,500-5,000 range, depending upon complexity. To see details of the services that are included and representative prices, click on the links to Silver, Gold or Platinum design packages on the left.