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With a degree in Electrical Engineering, I spent many years in Northern California's Silicon Valley in various technical, marketing and management positions in the wireless and telecommunications industries. I have ten years of general management experience with P&L responsibility and particular expertise in pioneering new products and markets. My whole career I have been at the "bleeding edge" of communications technology. (details...)

In 1998, as Executive VP of Marketing and Sales for a contract engineering development firm, I created and maintained the company's first web site. I also was responsible for all sales and marketing collateral, including product brochures, sales force presentations and written proposals. At that time the Internet was in its infancy, so web sites were created in HTML code with a word processor, and I became proficient in writing code.

After a successful career, I "retired" to Rancho Mirage and have since continued my web site development work, in addition to consulting for various companies in the area of strategic planning, company PowerPoint presentations and Visual Basic scripts for data entry automation. I have kept abreast of web site technology by creating many new sites (see links to some recent examples on my home page) and plan to be even more active in web site development in the future. I have expertise in digital photography and graphics editing, and am an avid amateur photographer. I originally used an HTML-based design program called HotDog, and have created many sites using Microsoft FrontPage. This web site was created using Adobe Dreamweaver with extensive use of CSS. This is now the industry standard and my preferred design software. Dreamweaver is full of server-side features for interactive and dynamic web pages.